Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results | Saturday 12th April 2014

Saturday’s Lotto saw the first double rollover jackpot of the year after no ticket holders were lucky enough to match all of the jackpot winning numbers in the previous two draws. Saturday’s Lotto had a jackpot of £8,781,364 up for grabs as well as 150 Lotto Raffle winners of £20,000 each. Here are the latest Lotto and Lotto Raffle results for Saturday 12th April 2014:


Lotto Results: 4 , 17, 22. 26, 31, 47
Bonus Ball: 32
150 Lotto Raffle winners

The prize breakdown for Saturday’s Lotto results revealed that two ticket holders managed to match all of the jackpot winning numbers so split the top prize worth £8,781,364, so each winner took home a prize of £4,390,682.

A further 366,721 players went on to win prizes between £25 and £20,000 for matching a handful of the winning numbers drawn as well as the Lotto Raffle numbers.

The mid-week Lotto jackpot will now go back to the minimum prize of £2,200,000 along with 50 guaranteed winners of £20,000 in the Lotto Raffle.